333 Belgian Beers, 33 Draught Beers


This is not just a beer café, everything here exudes craftsmanship and passion for beer; from the extensive range, the interior and to the service.


Bier Central has become an established name on the de Keyserlei in Antwerp for a while now. People come from all over the world already for the extensive beer selection alone, but this beer café has so much more to offer!

Everything is tied to Belgium.
The menu, there are only typical Belgian dishes.
Beers, you won't find any international beers around.

We, Belgians, have been known for our beer culture for many decades and
at Bier Central we are very proud of this.


In addition to the mother-pub Antwerp, you can enjoy Bier Central in Ghent, Brussels and Mechelen.

For more information, menu and reservation please visit;


A nice overview of all 366 Belgian beers we offer with a clear description for each product.


Our encyclopedia where you can learn everything about beer, where you discover fun facts, history, tasting techniques, and food-paring.


Required reading for every beer lover!






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M. info@biercentral.be