FIT Travel

 Three reasons why HEY! Belgium is the perfect resource partner for your FIT packages in Belgium.

  1. Itineraries based on the FIT’s personal preferences, interests, and travel style.
  2. Carefully curated activities, attractions, and transport possibilities.
  3. Availability of personal travel guides in the FIT’s own language.

Itineraries based on personal travel style (Persona's)

  • Dreamer
  • Escapist
  • Indulger
  • Connector
  • Bleisure

Booking flow

How we work with our partners

1. Before the first booking:

  • We make price agreements with our partners

2. After the booking:

  • Both the customer and partner receive a confirmation e-mail with valid vouchers for booked attractions/activities
  • The partner receives an update of the number of bookings
  • Partners will be paid within 30 days after the voucher has been purchased by the customer, regardless of when the visit is planned. 

3. HEY! Belgium needs of its partners:

  • To be aware of the partner’s availability (If there is a limited availability)
  • To be able to automatically communicate and process a booking with the partner
  • To be able to deliver valid tickets/vouchers of the partner to the customer


Group Travel

Three reasons why HEY! Belgium is the perfect resource partner for your tour groups in Belgium.

  1. Inspirational tour concepts
  2. We create memorable experiences
  3. We work with expert guides

Memorable tours

  • Carefully curated itinerary
  • On demand
  • Tailor-made
  • Wide selection of specialized tours

MICE & Corporate

Three reasons why HEY! Belgium is the perfect partner for your corporate events.

  1. Our tour designers have access to the best Belgium has to offer.
  2. We create extraordinary experiences with a twist.
  3. Always personalized and around the clock.

Corporate incentives

  • Meetings & Events
  • Dinners
  • Team Building Programs

This is how we do it


  • HEY! Belgium always offers the unexpected, the most appropriate, the best choice in order to provide a fresh and innovative program. 

Fast response

  • You will be amazed and delighted at how quickly we respond to requests and changes.


  • We deliver on our promises and we do what we say.


  • We have a great team of people who work very hard with respect for our clients, partners and suppliers.